A Brief History

You can trace our trading history back to 1895 when our forebears first opened their Fishing Tackle retail premises in the UK.
Our long association with Fishing Tackle and outdoor sports has served us well in good times and not so good, and the best part is that recreational fishing is still this countries biggest individual sport.

So this site is dedicated to all the staunch recreational fishermen we call Fish Heads. Those who rise in the wee hours, fish all day in sometimes torrid conditions and may, just may, come home with a catch. Worth it? And most will say -every second.

We source the world to bring you quality product found in certain brands and the price that doesn’t keep you awake at night.

We support those parents who take their children out fishing whether off a Wharf, in a Tinnie, or Luxury Craft-who change their baits, put up with their sea sickness and generally clean and fillet their catches- the message is still the same. Outdoors, on the sea with the hope of a catch is still the most rewarding pastime.


Fish Heads brings you some of the most well known and respected brands from around the world.


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